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Summer Backlog Attack: Week 6

Summer Backlog Attack Week 6

We’re officially past the halfway point! How are we doing?

I put a boner bullet into Shadows of the Damned shortly after recording this week’s show, so I’m going to cross it off! Next up… I just dug into Splinter Cell Blacklist (boo for new games), so I might skip ahead to Jet Set Radio for some contrast.

Randy’s still plugging away at Resident Evil: Revelations, but he’s already planning ahead and looking for co-op partners for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. Have it on PS3 and want to bump fists? Let him know on Twitter or via email!

Finally, Paul completed Spec Ops but then mysteriously vanished from the show. Maybe we’ll get to hear what he thought next week.

Backlogonauts: Don’t forget to listen to this week’s episode for the next weekly challenge! Don’t worry, it’s easy.

We got a lot of great images from you all last week. Can you recognize which games everyone’s playing? (The first one’s easy.)

Trace Dixon:

Jeb Adams:


A Parker: