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Summer Backlog Attack 2013: Week 4

Summer Backlog Attack 2013: Week 4

Just a quick update: We made some real progress last week. I finished Analogue: A Hate Story and Randy decided he’d had enough of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and is having a better time with Mindjack. Meanwhile, Paul continues his unconventional approach of buying a whole new game. Hear more about it on last week’s show!

We’ve already gotten a lot of ambitious entries into the contest-ified version of the Backlog Attack. Join the VGH community in clearing some games off your list this month and you might even walk away with a brand new one. Get more details in the contest post here!

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  1. Nathan Ortega
    Nathan Ortega August 12, 2013

    Randy has probably the spottiest lineup, but Paul has probably the most content to slog though. Good luck gentlemen.

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