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VGH #102: Out and Proud

VGH #102: Out and Proud

Are you a closet gamer? (It’s OK, you’re among friends.) In a special combo topic from listener Robop1g, we’re picking apart the concept of “gamer shame” and seeing how far we have to turn the clock back before games become unplayable. And—as long as we’re coming out of the closet—we go on a bit of a tangent and confess our biggest movie shames.

In the Hangover, we’re playing Mighty Switch Force! 2 on 3DS and experiencing different types of zombie survival in State of Decay and The Last of Us. (Don’t worry, no spoilers!) We’ve also got your reactions to Microsoft’s surprise Xbox 180!

Episode Timeline:
0:00 – Intro
3:00 – Xbox 180 / Viewer Mail
12:33 – Hangover (Mighty Switch Force! 2, State of Decay, The Last of Us)
36:00 – Games, Movies, and Mass Appeal
59:56 – Last Call
65:54 – Outro

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“Club Wolf” and “Win” from the Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar and Level by Disasterpeace

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  1. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit June 30, 2013

    I almost completely agree with Randy and DJ about The Last of Us. The really good news is that the narrative just keeps on getting better, to the point that at the end I hit the new game+ option hoping that the + meant more content.

    Also, in regards to the take about genre specific gamers. I know a few people who have consoles and will beyond a doubt go out every year and buy madden, nba2k, nascar and cod blah blah and nothing else. That type of gamer does exist and I think that’s who Microsoft heavily markets too at every event. So, facebook games, sports gamer, our typer of gamer, we’re all gamers just that we are more cultured. 😀

    Lastly, old games look and play like shit. It’s that simple. Good old games are only good because of nostalgia. Every now and again I’ll download an emu to go back and replay the ‘greats’ of my younger years, and each time I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing because they are all nothing compared to the greats of today. Sensible Soccer vs FIFA, no contest. Crazy Cars vs Burnout Paradise, no contest. I mean I’d take 100 Wipeout HDs over Wipeout 2097. /endrant

    Keep up the good work guys.

    • Erik K.
      Erik K. June 30, 2013

      I agree with StrandedBrit, many of the classic 16 bit and 32/64 bit game I still enjoy look like crap. But’s all about the memories, two player fun, and what system you play them on…modded xbox, Android, PSP, or the good old Genesis.

      Movie shame is tough, does American Psycho count? It seems a lot of people don’t like that.

      Gamer shame, everyone has one and I’ll admit it I’m a closet as a 16-bit beat’em up fan, no matter how bad. My other shame, Resident Evil 1-3, they have not aged well these days but I still enjoy playing them once and a while, and of course Pokemon, I’ve been known to dabble in those games on long plane trips.

    • randy_wrecked
      randy_wrecked July 10, 2013

      Thanks for commenting guys. I really need to get back to The Last of Us. I’m so ashamed that I haven’t finished it yet!

      I hate to concede to being so motivated by pretty graphics but, yeah…most old games just look like crap and I don’t want to spend my time staring at ’em. So much of our love for classic games is, like Stranded said, motivated by nostalgia — it evokes a time and a feeling that’s (almost) impossible to capture again. I think that’s true of movies and music, too.

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