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VGH #97: Bodacious and Gnarly


On this week’s show: the excitement is building but we’ve still got more questions than answers after (repeatedly) watching Rockstar’s new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V. We also break down Nintendo’s odd decision regarding their participation in this year’s E3.

Also this week: Thomas Was Alone, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Suikoden: Tierkreis, The Last Door, Rex Rocket, and our love for all-things Marc Maron.

Boomer lives!

Episode Timeline:
0:00 – Intro
2:02 – Viewer Mail
13:37 – Hangover (Suikoden Tierkreis, Thomas Was Alone, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)
33:25 – GTA V Chat
43:20 – Nintendo Chat
54:30 – Last Call
1:00:18 – Outro

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This Week’s Music:
“Runner2 Theme” and “Credits” from the Runner2 Original Soundtrack by Matthew Harwood of Petrified Productions

The Last Door, a free episodic horror adventure.
Rex Rocket, a Mega Man/Metroid-inspired 2D platformer on Kickstarter.
The Retron 5 will play games from five classic gaming consoles.
Check out Marc Maron’s new show, Maron, on IFC.
Get Marc Maron’s new book, Attempting Normal, from Amazon.



  1. Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams May 2, 2013

    I wasn’t being serious. LOL. You would have to be on drugs to think Haze was a good game. Worst game I ever played and I was a little embarrassed that I wanted the game in the first place. Since some of you guys like JRPGs, you might like Eternal Sonata or Resonance of Fate.

    • randy_wrecked
      randy_wrecked May 8, 2013

      Thanks for clearing that up! I remember playing Haze briefly but I definitely didn’t finish it. So horrible.

      • Jamie Williams
        Jamie Williams May 8, 2013

        No problem. I remember asking myself if I was high when I bought Haze because the game was that bad. I didn’t even finish the game either. Next time, I read reviews before buying games!

  2. metaly
    metaly May 2, 2013

    I think Nintendo dropping their press conference is actually pretty shrewd. The spectacle of big E3 conferences is fun for enthusiast gamers, but that’s mostly it. Hopefully their new strategy lets them put out a more focused presentation for the press, while the fans continue to eat up their Nintendo Directs. Nintendo’s recent E3 conferences have been filled with too many cringe-worthy moments, anyway—obviously that wasn’t working too well for them, so why not try a new approach?

    • Erik K.
      Erik K. May 2, 2013

      Good point but they better be ready to say hey here are the AAA titles for the Wii U and here’s a release date….or the Wii U is going to continue to sell poorly

      • Erik K.
        Erik K. May 2, 2013

        Should Nintendo really focus on the 3DS instead?

        • randy_wrecked
          randy_wrecked May 8, 2013

          Yeah, definitely. At least there’s a clear reason for optimism there. Accentuate the positive!

  3. Erik K.
    Erik K. May 2, 2013

    I’m pumped for GTA V, who’s going to pre-order?

    • randy_wrecked
      randy_wrecked May 8, 2013

      I’ve been pre-ordered since November 20, 2011!

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