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VGH Interview: EEDAR’s Geoff Zatkin

VGH Interview: EEDAR's Geoff Zatkin

On this week’s show, we interview special guest Geoff Zatkin, president and co-founder of EEDAR, an organization specializing in market research and insight into the games industry. He shares some surprising gaming trends, stories from his days developing EverQuest, what game reviewers are getting right, and why you should never bet against Nintendo.

A big thanks to Geoff for his time and his excellent insight into the gaming industry!

Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:00
EEDAR’s Geoff Zatkin: 3:05
Outro: 68:20

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This Week’s Music:
Come Home” and “Courtesy” from Phonetic Symphony and the Super Hexagon EP, by Chipzel.


EEDAR: Video Game Research and Consulting


  1. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan December 13, 2012

    That was super-interesting, great job guys!

    • spaulsandhu
      spaulsandhu December 13, 2012

      Thanks Matt, glad you liked it!

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