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Summer Backlog Attack 2012, Week 2

Summer Backlog Attack 2012, Week 2

We checked in on our backlog progress in Episode 60. Paul has already blown through Enslaved and has made a fair amount of progress in Bioshock, although he’s not exactly loving it. I ran into a similar situation with Psychonauts–I can see why it garners so much praise, but its flavor of 3D platforming isn’t really my thing. Meanwhile, Randy wasn’t doing much of anything, but he may have been distracted by all the short skirts and zombies in Lollipop Chainsaw.

Will I overcome my platforming apathy and make it to the end (or at least to the next level) of Psychonauts? Will Paul have an epiphany that turns him into an FPS die-hard? Will Randy ever relive those two lost hours of Radiant Historia?? (If only he could go back in time and avert that disaster in the first place.) Tune in to this week’s episode to find out!

Until then: If you’ve got a backlog, does it contain more “short” games like Enslaved or Bioshock, or is it the longer games that end up going unplayed?

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