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VGHomework: Backloggery

Typical gamer's backlog

This week on the show, we’re talking about gaming backlogs and what we can do to eliminate (or at least reduce) our piles of shame. How did it get to this point??

Q: Do you have a huge backlog of old games to play, or do you stick to new stuff?
Paul (@spaulsandhu): I have a rather embarrassing amount of games I haven’t finished strewn about my living room floor right now. And that is only part of my backlog. It’s the part I “systematically” decided would be realistic to go through this summer and have a realistic shot at completing. But yeah I also stick to new games. I’m a walking conundrum.

Q: What acclaimed game or series have you never gotten around to playing?
Randy (@randy_wrecked): Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Madden, Medal of Honor, World of Warcraft, etc. I have a pretty solid understanding of what I’ll like in a video game and those franchises have never really appealled to me.

D.J. (@metaly): The new Tomb Raider game will probably be the first one I end up playing since the original on the PS1, and even then I only played the demo. (Naturally, I have Tomb Raider Anniversary sitting in my backlog from a Steam sale, but we’ll see which one I get to first.)

Paul: My lack of love for FPS games is pretty well known at this point but I haven’t really put much time into the Call of Duty series at all. I doubt I ever will…

Q: Is there one game that you keep going back to over and over again, backlog be damned?
Paul: Over the past 3 years I’ve purchased more games that I haven’t finished than in the previous 10 years combined. Yet I’ve managed to spend over 300 hours with Civ 5, and roughly 250+ hours with the Mass Effect series. My name is Paul and I have a problem.

Q: What’s your best tip for making progress through a huge backlog?
Randy: Get unemployed. Seriously. I banged out at least 8 full-length games in the first month after leaving my job. It was simultaneously the most and least productive I’ve ever been in my life.

Matt (@mkernan): Try to bring your game console(s) with you on vacation, if at all possible. Even though I’m on vacation and attending my sister-in-law’s wedding, I’ve already been able to clock a good couple of hours into Dead Island over the past few days. A small, rolling suitcase for a projector works wonders for transporting a game console.

We want to hear from you! Share your best backlog-related horror stories or triumphs in the comments.


  1. Pastry
    Pastry June 29, 2012 has been probably been my most visited site so far this Summer. It is an extremely useful site for tracking what you need to beat, especially for me, in which I play almost mostly old games that can’t be tracked as beaten with achievements. My Backloggery is at, if you want to check it out. I’d definitely recommend signing up for it if you want to try getting through your entire Backloggery more efficiently.

    • metaly
      metaly June 30, 2012

      I’m a big fan of the Backloggery! I use it mainly to keep track of my collection, but I love the “play your games!” slant/guilt trip, too. Mine is but it’s pretty shameful.

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