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VGHomework: The Next Generation

PS9 has the mind control system

We’re looking forward to the next generation on this week’s show–actually, we’re compiling our list of demands. What do we think about the inevitable next wave of consoles in general, and what will the big three have to do to pry us away from our beloved PS3s, Xboxes, and–yes–even Wiis?

Q: What do you want most out of a “next-gen” console?
Matt (@mkernan): More power! For the most part, I’m just interested in more powerful hardware that can provide a higher-fidelity gaming experience.

Q: Will the Wii U be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles? Does it even need to?
D.J. (@metaly): I think Nintendo is done competing directly with Sony and Microsoft. Even if they follow through with strong third party support and launch similar titles as the PS3 and 360 (and eventually those systems’ successors), the majority of gamers will probably prefer to stick to their established friend lists and trophy/achievement collections, even if there’s a really compelling argument for the Wii U version of a game. Personally, I’m not anticipating the Wii U so I can play cross-platform games on it, nor do I expect it to replace my PS3 or Xbox. I’m more interested in unique titles like Excite Truck, Rhythm Heaven, and whatever weird surprises Nintendo has in store.

Q: What should Microsoft or Sony do to improve the next Xbox or PlayStation?
Paul (@spaulsandhu): Microsoft is in a pretty good position IMO. They don’t need to make a whole lot of improvements for their next system if you ask me. Just make it beefer, come with a huge HDD/wireless etc, and lower the price on XBL subs. The last thing will probably never happen, which is why I’d lean towards buying a PS4 first.

Sony on the other hand needs to get their act together in terms of online play and community. PSN is still a complete mess when it comes to setting up parties and groups for multiplayer sessions. Sony’s done a good job of closing the gap on whats available on their Playstation Store vs XBLA, but they still need to keep pushing for new and unique content. As it stands, the XBLA selection puts the PSN selection to shame. So yeah basically:

a) Microsoft just needs to stay the course, improve the specs of their next system, and maybe give consumers a break on the pricing for their XBL subs.
b) Sony needs to improve their online space and community/multiplayer support big time.

Q: What one game would make you get a next-gen console on day one?
Randy (@randy_wrecked): Uncharted 4? The first game in the series convinced me to buy a PS3. I’d happily plunk down whatever ridiculous price Sony demands for the PS4 if I can get a truly next-gen Nathan Drake experience on it.

Now it’s your turn. What will Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have to do to get you to upgrade your console? Would a specific mascot or series be enough to sway you, or will it take more than that? Let us know in the comments!