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VGHomework: E3 hangover

Iwata with bananas

Another E3 has come and gone. Were you left feeling underwhelmed, as seems to be the concensus this year, or were there enough announcements to keep you excited for the next year’s worth of games? We’ve collected some of our thoughts below.

Q: What was the best thing you saw at E3?
Paul (@spaulsandhu): I loved The Last of Us gameplay demo. While everyone was frothing at the mouth over Watch Dogs (which looks pretty solid, but man reel it in a bit people) I was pretty surprised at just how tense The Last of Us felt. It felt like it was a survival horror game except that it focused way more on the actual survival aspect of the genre. That gameplay demo alone just shot The Last of Us to the top of my fall MUST BUY list. Naughty Dog is pretty spectacular.

Q: You can erase one game from E3 from existence. Which one?
D.J. (@metaly): New Super Mario Bros. U. Yes, it looked great in HD. Yes, a new Nintendo console should have a new Mario game at launch, but I don’t want it to be this one. For one, if the Wii U really does come out this Fall, we’ll have just had New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS a few months earlier. And while I’m looking forward to that, the “New” offshoot of Mario games is about as safe as you can get. The Wii U should launch with a Mario that’s as exciting and new as 3D Land, Galaxy, or, dare I say it… Super Mario 64.

Q: Nintendo was certainly on a Mario kick. What Sony or Microsoft game would be better with Mario characters?
Randy (@randy_wrecked): Super Mario Uncharted: Luigi’s Fortune

Q: Sum up the Wii U in exactly two words.
Matt (@mkernan): “That’s it?”

Now it’s your turn! What was the best thing you saw at E3, or let us know what let you down the most. (Don’t worry, we’re here for you.)


  1. thewolfkin
    thewolfkin June 8, 2012

    I think people are sleeping very very hard on the potential of the WiiU. Sure it lacks power of the other companies but better graphics don’t make better games. The Wii is capable of making good looking games. (not that anyone would try). My point is that the WiiU opens up the console to entire genres of games we’ve never seen or thought of before that literally aren’t doable anywhere else outside of a PC with custom hardware that noone has. The problem is that no gamer looked beyond what he knows. Most people think of games in terms of First Person, Third Person, and Mario style platformers.

    How about a WiiU D&D game. Tablet for the Dungeon Master, remotes for the players. 

  2. Cesar Gutierrez
    Cesar Gutierrez June 8, 2012

    Woooonnderboooook… :O

    But seriously though, I thought this year’s E3 was a bit underwhelming. I was expecting more Vita news and game announcements. It seemed like Vita was an afterthought, and that’s a bit unsettling for a console that’s only a few months old. o.o

    Frankly, they all should hold off on announcing new games the week before E3. I would like to have that element of surprise that seems to be missing in E3 pressers these days. :/ 

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