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VGHangover’s E3 2012 Bingo

E3 2012 Bingo

Reggie laughs at one of his own jokes PS Vita price cut, Ambassador program revealed Capcom shows DLC for unannounced game Kudo Tsunoda woefully underdressed G4TV’s coverage is surprisingly restrained and tasteful
Wii U sizzle reel actually all Halo 2 footage Ge4rZ of W4r r3ve4led New Vita feature: take PS3 firmware updates on the road! Peter Molyneux shows new game, overpromises Bioshock Infinite moves back to 2012, blames newly crowded Q1 2013
Microsoft announces Xbox Live All-Stars Teabag Brawl Nolan North is the voice of everyone in everything FREE! Animal Crossing MMO supports up to 8 players Gabe Newell shows up, doesn’t mention Half-Life 3
Jack Tretton’s joke met with awkward silence THQ announces Kickstarter to fund 2013 lineup David Cage looks eerily lifelike ONE MILLION TWOOPS Day 1 of E3 is Gamestop preorder exclusive
Reacting to leaked Final Fantasy XV trailer, Square Enix reveals
Final Fantasy XXVII-4
Microsoft continues to tout “Better with Kinect,” nothing still is Black Ops 2 $190m “Overkill Edition” comes with actual AC-130 PlayStation Suite comes to BlackBerry Playbook OS Microsoft claims timed-exclusivity on Christmas

Download the JPG version and play along during the press conferences, then get impressions and commentary on our special E3 episodes coming out early next week!

Conference Schedule
Monday, June 4
Microsoft 9:30 AM
EA 1:00 PM
Ubisoft 3:00 PM
Sony 6:00 PM
Tuesday, June 5
Nintendo 9:00 AM
(all times Pacific)


    • metaly
      metaly June 3, 2012

      You get to hang out with Satoru Iwata’s Mii for a day!

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