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Weekend Hangover: Hispanic Superheroes Edition

With Star Wars Day, The Avengers movie, Cinco de Mayo, Free Comic Book Day and a superhero-themed episode of the Video Game Hangover podcast all intersecting this weekend, we suspect gamers and fanboys/girls around the world have no shortage of entertainment options to pass their time.

As if the thought of Scarlett Johannson in a skintight leather bodysuit weren’t enough, the cast and crew here at VGH have found some other worthwhile pursuits for the next three days:

Randy Dickinson (@randy_wrecked): Saturday is Cinco de Mayo! Who’s your favorite Hispanic superhero? Batmanuel is the only one I can think of. If you don’t know who that is, you should definitely add the live-action version of The Tick to your Netflix streaming queue for this weekend.

When I’m not drinking Sangria and gorging myself on tofu tacos this weekend, I’ll most likely try to wrap up Catherine and spend some more time with The Witcher 2. Starhawk is out on Tuesday so I need to clear my gaming slate by then.

D.J. Ross (@metaly): Playing some Mass Effect 3 this weekend, if I have time. Not that Commander Shepard needs any help, but if I had to give him one Avengers-inspired superpower, I’d probably go with… a suit of powered armor? Incredible marksmanship? The ability to erupt into a rage and tackle enemies?

OK, so maybe he’s even more spoiled, power-wise, than I thought. To make things totally unfair though, I’d probably give him Tony Stark’s incredible fortune just so he could finally afford all of those shiny Spectre weapons on the Citadel.

Do you have a favorite game character who would benefit from a superpower or two?

Paul Sandhu (@spaulsandhu): This weekend is gonna be a mix of Witching, Historia-ing and maybe some Massive Effecting.

Matt Kernan (@mkernan): Awesome… Awesome… Awesomenauts!!! Not only does it have the best title song ever, but the game itself is actually really fun! I’ll be playing that this weekend, for sure. On the Vita front, I finally finished Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, so I’ll probably spend some more time with Unit 13 and/or WipeOut 2048. I don’t want to start up any “big” games because Starhawk is out next week!

What are you playing this weekend? Which unsung superhero do you think deserves their own movie and an inevitably disappointing video game tie-in? Hit up the comments section below and let us know what’s on your mind.