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VGH #19: The Line Piece Is for Noobs

VGH #19: The Line Piece Is for Noobs

Crossovers! The VGH crew stitch together elements from some of their favorite video games into a twisted new batch of franken-games. Developers: are you listening? Plus: D.J. gets bionic, Paul finds a sneaker sleeper, and Randy looks for the fun button.



Episode Timeline:

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:00
Hangover: 6:58
Crossovers: 31:50
Last Call: 66:58
Outro: 74:00


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This Week’s Music:
“Vector Sum” and “Tangent to Your Curve” by Brother Android (Bandcamp page)

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  1. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan August 25, 2011

    Great show guys.

    I seriously think we should get some Bionic Commando multiplayer goin’ one of these days. I thought the campaign was pretty darn good, but the main reason I’ve hung onto the game so long is that it’s practically worthless now.

    I think that Bionic Commando vs. Crackdown could be a pretty fun game. Imagine a multiplayer mode with bionic arm dudes vs. super-powered “agents”.

    • Paul Sandhu
      Paul Sandhu August 26, 2011

      Thanks for the kind words Matt!

      I did enjoy the short bits of the Bionic Commando multiplayer I played with D.J. eons ago, and his recent comments on the game have me thinking I might pick it up on the cheap in the near future. If I do end up getting it, I’d be down for some multi!

      BC vs Crackdown would be awesome. Bionic arm dudes in an open world city = fun swinging with wife arm time.

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