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VGH #16: A Hard Road to Hoe

VGH #16: A Hard Road to Hoe

With only 10 minutes on the clock, the VGH team will weigh in on two recent gaming headlines: The demise of the Red Faction series and the big Nintendo 3DS price drop. We’ve also got Viewer Mail, the Hangover, Last Call, and lightsabers. Time’s up!

Episode Timeline:

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 1:15
Hangover: 4:35
Death of Red Faction: 21:50
3DS Price Drop: 36:50
Last Call: 51:10
Outro: 60:20



This Week’s Music:
“Vector Sum” and “Tangent to Your Curve” by Brother Android (Bandcamp page)

Shadow Cities
THQ bids farewell to Red Faction
Nintendo drops price of 3DS to $170
SDCC Knights of the Old Republic Online
Lollapalooza 2011
NES Title Screens


  1. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit August 5, 2011

    Congrats on Hard Corps Uprising Flik. That game is old school hard! I just finished the first level the other night after trying 1000 times and was mildly horrified I didn’t get a platinum trophy for it. That said I still keep coming back for more punishment so it must be a good game 😀

    Red Faction : I have mixed feelings. On one hand Red Faction Guerilla has given me some many good memories due to its amazing multiplayer. So as long as that tech gets reused somehow I will feel better. As far as the actual games. I like the first 2 for their decent sp experiences, but funnily enough I just couldn’t get into rfg’s sp as it felt blah. I really wanted to try rfa but with the omission of multi I was going to wait on a couple of price drops.

    3DS : Don’t care, but I do wonder on the pricing model because why would anyone by a DSi for 150 when you can get a 3DS for 170? Something seems odd there. At least when it comes to replacing my kids DS I’m more likely to replace it with a 3DS now than a el cheapo DS.

  2. Paul Sandhu
    Paul Sandhu August 6, 2011

    Haha thanks. I had a blast finally getting through Hard Corps. I’ve noticed a few people on my PSN friend’s list have been playing it lately, coincidence? Maybe!

    As I mentioned on the cast, the price for the 3DS still hasn’t hit a sweet spot where I’d considering grabbing one yet. Also from what I’ve heard, the battery life on that thing is absolutely terrible. I think I’ll wait till Nintendo sorts that out….

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