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VGH #12: Flong

VGH #12: Flong

On this week’s show: games! Specifically, the guilty pleasures and bargain-bin treasures that keep us entertained between all of those Big Important Games we play. We’ve scoured our collections for the titles that we’d categorize as “so bad it’s good” or “too cheap to suck” and included our favorites here. If that isn’t enough, we’ve also got sweat, dude-bros, James Bond and swanky new music by Brother Android. So good it burns!


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Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:56
Hangover: 4:14
Guilty Pleasures: 31:55

This Week’s Music:

“Vector Sum” and “Tangent to Your Curve” by Brother Android (Bandcamp page)

Every one of D3 Publisher’s “Simple” series games post for NBA Live 07 – 1000 People Online
Yellow Magic Orchestra music:


  1. mkernan
    mkernan July 7, 2011

    My most recent guilty pleasure is probably Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. The first one sold well and was pretty well-received by critics, but the sequel was panned for being way too short and having an absurd storyline. While both of those things are absolutely true, I still had a fun time blowing through it in a day or two. If you enjoyed the first one at all, its basically just a little more of that same stuff. I even bought the add-on Endor mission (which only costs $1 extra).


    -EDF 2017 is hilarious; I’m definitely getting Insect Armageddon when it gets cheaper
    -Speaking of Bond games, I just got Blood Stone (but I haven’t played it yet). I thought Quantum of Solace was a nice little romp though.
    -I’d be happy to play some Call of Duty with D.J., but I don’t think we have the same games on the same platforms….. I got rid of MW2 on PS3 once I bought Black Ops on PS3 (and I don’t play PC games).
    -If you’re interested in mediocre games published by D3, go play Dark Sector. Highly derivative of Gears of War and Resident Evil 4, but I really had fun playing through it (and you can get it for like $5). I actually bought it on release day for $60 and still felt satisfied, which means that for $5 and low expectations, it should be a home run.

    p.s. – Flong.

    • Randy D.
      Randy D. July 8, 2011

      I bought Blood Stone a few months back for ~$15 but I haven’t even taken the plastic off of it yet. Hoping to get to it during this summer lull. And, yes…I had a lot of fun with Quantum of Solace, as well.

      The original Xbox Bond games (Nightfire, Everything or Nothing, Agent Under Fire) were all tons of fun in their day.

      I really liked Dark Sector, too! That could have easily been one of my current-gen guilty pleasures. I’m fairly certain I paid full price for that one, too.

    • D.J. Ross
      D.J. Ross July 11, 2011

      I forgot about The Force Unleashed. I’d definitely put the first one in the same mindless action category as EDF. It was a great rental… at least up to the part where you have to pull that star destroyer out of orbit, which made me want to toss my whole PS3 through a wall.

      If I end up getting Modern Warfare 3, it’ll definitely be for PS3 since Black Ops just felt weird on the PC. (My PC gamer cred just went out the window.) So I’ll look for you online and we can noob tube some… noobs?

  2. kube00
    kube00 July 12, 2011

    Hey guys great show again. Glad to see Randy liked Dead to Rights Retribution. Brawler meets stealth meets bad B-movie.
    My guilty pleasures in gaming:
    -Alone in the Dark Inferno. It was cheap, strangely addicting, and feels like a bad 80s horror movie.
    -GTA IV/Episodes from Liberty City. I can’t stop playing, even if its just to screw around and crash cars, or blow things up with rockets.
    -Alpha Protocol. I’ve been playing that game a lot, and I’m really liking the game play concepts. Too bad we will never see a sequel.

    I’ve got Black Ops/MW2 on ps3 so D.J. if you wanna play let me know

  3. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit July 15, 2011

    A few things to mention :-

    Dead to Rights Retribution was awesome.
    Alpha Protocol was awesome.
    Timothy Dalton should never be mentioned again.
    More Flong.

    Seriously though, I love all these crappy middle of the rung games and I think it’s the whole relaxation factor about not having to give it your 100% concentration. As part of my healthy nutritious video game diet I incorporate several of these games into my backlog every year just to keep me sane.

  4. Courtney
    Courtney December 13, 2011

    My guilty pleasure is probably “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King” for Wii. Even though it’s a “Final Fantasy” game, I still think it counts. Every time I play it I love it and beat it, but by the end, I’m like “Why did I do that again?”

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