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VGH #10: Honk the Horn

VGH #10: Honk the Horn

M-M-MULTIKILL! The crew discuss their unhealthy obsession with multiplayer gaming, including a certain game starring ostriches on Mars. Also: We put on our robes and wizard hats, Randy says something inappropriate, and VGCT bids farewell to an old friend.


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Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:00
Hangover: 2:15
Multiplayer and Red Faction Guerrilla: 20:10
VGCT – Resident Evil: 39:45
Favorite Multiplayer Games: 41:02

This week’s music:
“Krakbound”, by Magnus “SoulEye” Pålsson
“Popular potpourri”, by Magnus “SoulEye” Pålsson (from the VVVVVV soundtrack)

Referenced in this week’s show:
Magicka Vietnam trailer

One Comment

  1. Sbizzle
    Sbizzle June 11, 2011

    The great thing about RFG was that the diversity of the back packs and the way the levels were designed meant that players like Randy and I (noobs) could still hang with the pros (no name mentions here). And I don’t mean that players were handicapped a lot, but the shear combinations of weapons/backpacks meant there was always a way players could contribute to the objectives or score those impossible kills.

    Is it 2 year reunion time yet?

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