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Play More Games: “‘Play Fewer Games’ Edition”

Patapons get sidetracked

You know it’s a light release week when the highest profile game coming out is a PSP game: It’s Patapon 3! The Patapon tribe continues its trek across the land, this time with the help of some new hero Patapons. Players tired of making the lonely journey towards Earthend by themselves will be happy to know that they can play the entire game co-op with a friend online, which should help break up the monotony of alternating the same couple of button presses over, and over, and over again, every ten seconds, for hours. Seriously, Patapon: I want to love you so much. You’ve got a great art style, cute characters, and a silly soundtrack that remained stuck in my head long after I put down the original game, but all of those can only distract me from the monotonous gameplay for so long.

If Patapon’s not your thing, there’s always Michael Jackson: The Experience. It’s Kinect-enabled! And… yeah, OK. Just save your money for next week, because that’s when everything’s happening.