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Free Ramen from VGH

All righty boys and girls, pay attention! We’ve got an INCREDIBLE prize pack of gamer goodies to give away and all you have to do is answer a simple quiz. This prize pack has a metacritic rating of about 75 and includes some nifty swag such as:


– a Red Faction T-shirt
– a Killzone Backpack
– a Behemoth games lanyard
– an Official PAX East Convention Program
– Also included in this prize pack is a $20 gift card for Amazon (.com or .ca if you’re awesome).




1) In Episode #1 of VGH D.J. had a pretty huge meal. What did he eat? (1pt)

2) In Episode #2 of VGH, Randy talks about his incredible date with Martha Washington. True or False, Randy Dickinson is 687 years old? (1pt)

3) In Episode #3 of VGH our hosts talk about well nevermind, you’re probably still listening to it since it’s about 700 hours long. (1 free pt for listening to the entirety of Ep #3)

4) In Episode #4 of VGH we reenact (VGCT 53:22) a battle between two titans of the fighting game genre. Who loses the battle? Hint: He’s american, with blonde hair. (1pt)

5) In Episode #5 of VGH we learn that the burrito capital of the world is in California. What city is the burrito capital of the world according to D.J.? (1pt)

6) In Episode #6 of VGH the crew talk about 3DS games they are looking forward to. Which wild and folksy sequel is the crew pretty much guaranteed to get? (1pt)

Bonus Question 1: In VGH #0 where do the hosts (Randy) recommend you put VGH? (1pt)

Bonus Question 2: In VGH #2.5 we had the most epic of VGCT segments at the end of the show. Quote it. (1pt)


All you have to do is email your answers to the quiz to with the subject line “QUIZ”. Please include your name or online handle if you’re not comfortable with your name potentially being called out on the air during our next show. That’s all you have to do. Please submit your answers only once. We’re on the honor system here folks.

***Also please note that this contest is only open to residents of the continental United States and Canada***

How This Works:

You might have noticed that each question is worth a point. Everyone that scores 6 or higher on the quiz will get an entry into our random draw on April 11th. You earn points for every correct answer you submit so try to be sure about your answers when you enter. For every point you earn over 6 (Acing questions 1-6) you gain an additional entry into the draw on April 11th. So essentially you can get a total of 3 entries if you get every question right.

During episode #7 we’ll do a (not so live for you folks) live drawing from the pool of entries and announce our winner! The winner will be contacted via email on April 11th. Happy test taking~