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VGH #5: You Don’t Know Zangief


An outbreak of the T-Virus (or something) at VGH headquarters delayed the recording of a new episode for over a week! We’re back now, in better health and clamoring to share our thoughts on Dragon Age 2, Bulletstorm, PixelJunk Shooter and more. Randy’s experiences at Volition’s Community Day and PAX East lead to a discussion about our favorite video game developers, past and present. Paul’s love for Bioware and D.J.’s love for fine Mexican cuisine all factor in somehow. Put it in your ears!

Episode Timeline (skip to the time stamp for each segment):

Intro: 0:00!
Where Randy’s Been: 4:22
What We’ve Been Playing: 32:50
Favourite Developers: 58:45
VGCT: 136:49
Outro: 138:15 (why would you ever skip VGCT?)

This week’s music:
“SEARCHING”, by Eric Skiff (
“COME AND FIND ME”, by Eric Skiff (

Referenced in this week’s show:
-The Heroic Little Zangief – (This kid is my hero -Paul)
-Spy Party aka that spy game Paul mentioned
-Google Crisis Response – donate to the Japanese Red Cross here
-Charity Navigator’s “Guide to Intelligent Giving

Some of the coolest games that Randy saw/played at PAX East:
-Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
-Fallen Frontier
-The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile
-Orcs Must Die
-Shoot Many Robots


  1. XXX
    XXX March 17, 2011

    Some comments about your discussion from PAX East, and thanks for the shout out!

    The indie game you were thinking of about trying to blend in is called Spy Party. It’s being made by one guy named Chris Hecker. I forgot it was going to be at the Fire Hose Games booth or I would’ve stopped by.

    The Battlefield 3 section was limited to a closed door demo played by one of the EA reps. If you’ve been watching the “Fault Line” videos that they’ve been posting online, its the same footage. I was disappointed because I waited about an hour to watch it, but it was still awesome to see about 15 minutes of gameplay, which is looking awesome.

  2. SBizzle
    SBizzle March 30, 2011

    Come on guys! Haze wasn’t THAT bad!

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