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VGH #3: I’ve Got a History with Milk Crates


The VGH crew reflect on tales from their gaming “careers,” Randy wins a contest, and the Video Game Community theater gets bionic. Warning: This podcast contains multiple references to male tumescence, illegal narcotics and the 3DO. Also, games!

We apologize in advance for the extreme length of this episode. Once you hit the fourth or fifth hour it gets really good so try to hang in there.

Update: The streaming player works now! Thanks for your patience. We’re all still podcast noobs.

This week’s music:
“SEARCHING”, by Eric Skiff (
“COME AND FIND ME”, by Eric Skiff (

Referenced in this week’s show:
Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer
Article about Dark Energy Digital’s recent overhaul of Hydrophobia
Opening cinematic and gameplay video from Way of the Warrior
Rush Rush by Debbie Harry, as featured in Grand Theft Auto III/Scarface


  1. SBizzle
    SBizzle February 12, 2011

    Well done guys. And yes flik, strangley it did take 5 hours to get thru :\

  2. kube00
    kube00 February 15, 2011

    Great show guys. Keep up the good work. You guys should discuss your least favorite game consoles and why sometime.

  3. XXX
    XXX February 16, 2011

    w00t shout out for UT3!

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