January 10, 2013

#82: Eat a Pork Bun!

2012 was a huge year for games and we're discussing just a few of the many contenders for Game of the Year, before finally revealing our personal top five.

Things Discussed: Best of 2012, Borderlands 2, Crimson Shroud, Dishonored, Far Cry 3, FTL: Faster than Light, Journey, Mark of the Ninja, Mass Effect 3, Quantum Conundrum, Quarrel, Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Sleeping Dogs, Soulcalibur V, Spec Ops: The Line, The Walking Dead, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

January 8, 2013

Mini Hangover: The Walking Dead

In our last Mini Hangover of Season 2, we have a spoiler filled chat about Telltale's The Walking Dead! Spoiler alert!

Things Discussed: The Walking Dead

January 1, 2013

Mini Hangover: Far Cry 3

Good news everyone! Paul and Matt decide to wax poetic about Far Cry 3, one of the best games of 2012. Wub wub wub.

Things Discussed: Far Cry 3

December 27, 2012

Mini Hangover: Playland Japan / DJMAX Technika Tune

Another arcade in San Francisco? D.J. gives a tour of the crazy Japanese games on display at Playland Japan and then talks about his current Vita—yes, Vita—obsession: DJMAX Technika Tune.

Things Discussed: arcade, DJMAX Technika Tune, Playland Japan, Rhythm Heaven

December 20, 2012

#81: Dediquation

We send off 2012 with our 2nd annual Hungover Hangover, featuring your calls, your emails, and our drunken answers. Find out our most influential games of all time, how to beat Tetris, and which host is already planning to eat the others. Thanks for an amazing year!

Things Discussed: Tetris, Wii Fit

December 13, 2012

VGH Interview: EEDAR's Geoff Zatkin

We interview special guest Geoff Zatkin, president and co-founder of EEDAR, an organization specializing in market research and insight into the games industry. He shares some surprising gaming trends, stories from his days developing EverQuest, what game reviewers are getting right, and why you should never bet against Nintendo.

Things Discussed: EEDAR, Everquest, interview, Metacritic, Nintendo

December 6, 2012

#80: No Corndogs in Heaven

Have plans for the 2012 apocalypse? We tell you what to play (and what else should be on every gamer's bucket list) while there's still time. Also, Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation, Adventure Time, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and more Wii U!

Things Discussed: Adventure Time, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Bravely Default, game music, Nintendo Land, The Walking Dead, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Wii U

November 29, 2012

#79: Nintendo Hard

We humbly present the VGH Holiday Gift Guide (with apologies to all of the non-creepy mall Santas out there). We've got cool gift ideas for gamers, readers, comic book and movie lovers, and more. No one will judge you if you decide to keep the best stuff for yourself. Also on this week's show: our (almost) final word on FTL and The Walking Dead, thoughts on the surprising new Devil May Cry, and D.J. gets his hands on Nintendo’s hot new thing.

Things Discussed: Devil May Cry, FTL: Faster than Light, Nintendo Land, The Walking Dead, Wii U

November 21, 2012

#78: Forking Paths

Would you pay $60 for a 3-hour game? What's your dollar-per-hour ratio? With Black Friday right around the corner, we’re dedicating this week’s show to a conversation about the shopping habits of the modern gamer. We’ve also got talk of FTL, Paper Mario: Sticker Star on 3DS,Wreck-It Ralph, the music of Airmech, and free-to-play Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Things Discussed: Airmech, FTL: Faster than Light, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Star Wars: The Old Republic

November 15, 2012

#77: Badass Mech

We get into the controversy over Assassin's Creed III (spoiler free!) and discuss the revelation that Grand Theft Auto V will have three playable characters and what that might imply for the upcoming sandbox game. Matt likes the chunkiness of Halo 4, and D.J. implores you to play Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, but is reluctant to tell you why. We've also got Viewer Mail with your World of Warcraft woes and biggest gaming addictions!

Things Discussed: Assassin's Creed III, Grand Theft Auto V, Halo 4, Virtue's Last Reward

November 1, 2012

#76: Treat Yo Self

We discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of MMOs! We offer suggestions on how to improve what we think is an important, but stagnant genre. Also: The Unfinished Swan, Hotline Miami and, yep—Borderlands 2 again.

Things Discussed: Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, Hotline Miami, Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Unfinished Swan, World of WarCraft

October 25, 2012

#75: Smiling Happy Clouds

Can Resident Evil still be scary? We discuss what long-running horror series can do to frighten us again. Also: more Dishonored, Square Enix's rhythm game Symphonica for iOS, SunFlowers and PlayStation Mobile games on the Vita, and our final gaming debate, featuring your topics!

Things Discussed: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Dead Space 3, Dishonored, Resident Evil 6, Sunflowers, Symphonica

October 18, 2012

#74: Rise from Your Grave

How can we improve movie tie-in games? We discuss whether GoldenEye is destined to be the best we can do. Also: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored and a little more Borderlands 2!

Things Discussed: Borderlands 2, Cabin in the Woods, Dishonored, left 4 dead 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

October 10, 2012

#73: No Nolan North No

Are you proud to call yourself a gamer? On this week's show, we’re talking about how Nintendo's recent ads and Maine's Republican Party both seem to think it’s something to be ashamed of. We’ll also revisit The Great Gaming Debate (with provocative new questions from the VGH community!) and weigh in on Tokyo Jungle and Inversion.

Things Discussed: Borderlands 2, Inversion, Tokyo Jungle

October 4, 2012

#72: Rebuttaled

We had planned to do a show inspired by this week’s Presidential Debate but we ended up talking about how much we love Borderlands 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown for an hour instead. Hope you don’t mind. We've also got Viewer Mail, a winner in our LittleBigPlanet Vita contest, Netflix recommendations, and more!

Things Discussed: Borderlands 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

September 27, 2012

#71: The Foxiest of the Hounds

Besides pretty graphics, what do you want from next gen games? On this week’s show, we’re hoping for evolution beyond 1080p. We’ve also got awesome new theme music, talk of the Wii U, and reviews of Double Dragon Neon, Darksiders II and Demons’ Score.

Things Discussed: Darksiders 2, Demons' Score, Double Dragon Neon, Wii U

September 19, 2012

#70: Mostly Tanks, Occasionally Airplanes

Borderlands 2 is out and the summer drought is over! This week, we’re talking about the highs and lows of gaming in 2012 and pick the game that we're still most excited about from the back half of the year. Also: LittleBigPlanet Vita, Joe Danger 2, the Armored Kill DLC for Battlefield 3 and, of course, GIANT ROBOTS.

Things Discussed: Battlefield 3, Joe Danger 2, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

September 13, 2012

#69: A Moose and a Beaver

We pitch our own amazing sandbox games after being inspired by the bar-raising Sleeping Dogs. We also talk about Klei's Mark of the Ninja, Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Things Discussed: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, Just Cause 2, Mark of the Ninja, Saints Row: The Third, Sleeping Dogs, Super Hexagon

September 6, 2012

#68: Big Fist

Couldn't make the trek to Seattle last week? If Randy can somehow survive the intro, we might have the lowdown on all the cool stuff that D.J. saw at PAX Prime 2012. We’ve also got reviews of Sleeping Dogs and the newest Walking Dead episode.

Things Discussed: 100 Yen Arcade, Charlie Murder, Code Hero, johann sebastian joust, Luftrausers, PAX, PAX Prime 2012, Phoenix Wright, Retro/Grade, Runner2, Sleeping Dogs, Super TIME Force, The Walking Dead, The Wonderful 101, Wii U

August 30, 2012

#67: A Japanese Hamburger

Getting old sucks! This week, we're talking about our changing tastes and the gaming concepts that just don’t do it for us anymore. Also: pre-PAX anticipation, Viewer Mail, Dungeon Defenders, Spec Ops: The Line, and more on New Super Mario Bros. 2 and The Last Story.

Things Discussed: Dungeon Defenders, New Super Mario Bros. 2, PAX Prime 2012, Spec Ops: The Line, The Last Story