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VGH @ Extra Life 2015

Extra Life

We’re participating in the Extra Life 2015 gaming marathon for charity! On Sunday, November 7th, we’ll be raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals by playing games for 24 hours straight. We hope you’ll tune into our livestream, cheer us on, and pledge your support for our team by donating a few dollars toward our fundraising goal. Any amount is appreciated! You can contribute here:

Even if you’re unable to donate, we hope you’ll follow our progress on the stream and join us for some multiplayer games. Here’s just a sample of what we’ll be playing on Saturday:

Multiplayer schedule (all times EST):

12:00PM Destiny (PS4)
8:00PM Mario Kart 8
9:00PM Magicka 2 (PS4)
11:00PM Velvet Sundown
1:00AM Splatoon

Stream highlights (all times EST):

11:00AM D.J. does the Spelunky daily challenge for 11/7
4:30PM Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
12:00AM Midnight live show — join in on Google Hangouts! (link will be posted here)
1:00AM D.J. plays Dark Souls
3:00AM Spooky Hour — the gang plays Soma and Alien: Isolation
5:00AM D.J. does the Spelunky daily challenge for 11/8

Also featured on the stream:

Endless Sky
Far Cry 4
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
FTL Faster Than Light
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
Her Story
Life Is Strange
Rebel Galaxy
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Super Mario Bros.
Tearaway: Unfolded
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
Wolfenstein: The New Order

How to find us:

PSN: randy_wrecked
Steam: randy_wrecked
Twitch: randy_wrecked

3DS: 0602-6679-8118
Wii U: Dasflikko
PSN: Dasflikko
Steam: Flik
Twitch: Dasflikko

3DS: 0903-2909-8746
Wii U: metaly
PSN: metaly
Steam: metaly
Twitch: metalyfled

As always, follow @vghangover on Twitter for updates!

Paul’s Games-list of Doom

Hey folks! Paul here. I was struck by inspiration at the very last minute before Extra Life and thought it would be fun to incentivize some silly stuff for the gaming marathon this weekend, so why not give you reason to make me miserable and try out really, really bad games? I perused the Steam game store for some of the worst reviewed, bargain basement, most garbage games and selected 8 of them for some kind of masochistic Games-list of doom. Just to give you an idea of what I’m in store for, I also included some very helpful, actual real life Steam reviews below each game’s name and donation amount.

Also! Even if you can’t donate the full amount to force me to play some garbage, donate whatever you can! If I get enough smaller donations I’ll just add them up and scratch a game off this list. Everyone wins. You donate towards a great cause and help out sick kids, and I slowly lose my sanity over the course of 24 hours!

These are all PC games so I’ll be streaming the misery so you can laugh at me. 🙂

Note: make sure when you donate, that you add a comment/message with your donation and mention which game you want me to play, even if you donate anonymously you can leave a message!

Woo! Big thanks to all of you, much love.


Uriel’s Chasm — Donate $35 — More info

Made me start reading the bible for all the wrong reasons. – HarrysRoar

Citadels — Donate $25More info

Dont do it…dont ever buy it. It’s not finished, it’s incomplete, and the developer is done with it. – Keith

Dinner Date — Donate $20More info

If you’re suicidal but not sure whether to do it or not. This’ll clear any doubt. – Future

Revelations 2015 — Donate $20More info

The second i launched this game it gave me cancer, I would rather eat a plate of rusty nails then play this game – Wavewiz

Chrome – Donate $15More info

Not very good, but still better than Internet Explorer. – Smileyfax

Slaughtering Grounds — Donate $15More info

Pros: Uninstaller works (I am actually impressed) – [J7] Dsd21

Galactic Hitman — Donate $15More info

Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. Target down. – Crawler

Bad Rats — Donate $15More info

I got this as a gift. ♥♥♥♥ you Frank. – Hagamablabla

Alien: Isolation — Donate $15/hr

You can also request that I play an additional hour of Alien: Isolation for every $15 you donate! – Paul


  1. A Parker
    A Parker November 3, 2015

    I’ll miss the destiny window in the afternoon (Dad and all), but if you get addicted and are still at it post kid bed time (8PM EST-ish) I’d happily sherpa you where you’d like to go 🙂

    Otherwise, good gaming to all of you!

  2. creid8
    creid8 November 4, 2015

    I just might tag along with your adventures in Destiny.

  3. Erik K.
    Erik K. November 7, 2015

    Alright Paul I’ll give you $15 for the kids and to watch you suffer in Alien Isolation….you’d better be screaming like a child

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