January 24, 2013

VGH #84: Subtly Racist Stereotypes

VGH #84: Subtly Racist Stereotypes

This episode, we’re talking all things 90s gaming: shoebox Gameboys and other, more dubiously portable handhelds, gaming urban legends, classic series that need to make a comeback, and others that we probably should have left behind. In the Hangover, we’re getting strange vibes from Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational on the Vita and taking a sneak peak at Klei’s 2D wilderness survival game, Don’t Starve.

Special thanks to listener kube00 for suggesting this week’s topic!

Episode Timeline:
Intro – 0:00
Viewer Mail – 2:10
Hangover – 8:50
Gaming in the 90s – 24:00
Last Call – 56:20
Outro – 60:40

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This Week’s Music:
A Robot Meets the Tree of Life” and “Voltaic Fluctuations” from Chromatic T-Rex, by Ben Prunty.

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  • Great show guys!

    • spaulsandhu

      Thanks as always!

  • bkjohns1

    Nice show; I enjoyed the subject. I was surprised that Doom was not mentioned. That was an iconic game of the 90’s that was even on TV shows. I remember seeing it on the show ER.

    I also got a lot of enjoyment from the Lucas Arts games X-Wing and Tie Fighter for the PC.

    It wasn’t until ’98 that I got a PSone and enjoyed many a JRPG. If there was one company that I would like to see make a comeback, it is SquareSoft, the one before the merger with Enix.

    • spaulsandhu

      I don’t think any of the crew was really heavy into PC gaming back in the 90s, but yeah Doom was definitely iconic. I know that personally I dabbled in a little bit of PC gaming when I was younger, but I was definitely a console gamer first and foremost.

      • I was a 90s PC dude. Doom, X-Wing, Alone in the Dark. All that good stuff.

  • It was all about the JRPGs for me in the 90s. Question: Have anyone of you heard or played Final Fantasy : Mystic Quest for SNES?? Only a handful of people i know played this, everybody else has never heard of it.
    Oh and a game i would like to see comeback is Legend of Legaia! Loved the fighting game like battle system in it.

    • spaulsandhu

      Mystic Quest was the second jrpg I ever played. My first was FF3, and boy oh boy was Mystic Quest a step down from that! I remember liking it, but looking back on it the game, it was pretty lacklustre lol.

    • If it wasn’t for Mystic Quest, I wouldn’t have gotten into Final Fantasy! (Or, at least not until much later.) I’d seen Final Fantasy II for rent at Blockbuster many times but was scared away by its menu-filled instruction booklet. Then one day I tried FFMQ at a friend’s house and became a rabid RPG addict overnight. Thanks, Mystic Quest!

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