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VGH #39: Tasteless Comedies for Lonely People

VGH #39: Tasteless Comedies for Lonely People

On this week’s show, we discuss the finer points of the current generation of consoles! Also: the glorious return of Video Game Community Theatre! There’s a gun inside.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 1:30
Hangover: 5:45
VGCT RE2: 24:50
Finer Points of this Gen: 28:10
Last Call: 60:50
Outro: 69:25


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This Week’s Music:
Caught Red Handed and Yummy from the Mighty Switch Force soundtrack. Composed by Jake Kaufman.

Radiant Silvergun Opening Stages
Ikaruga Chapter 1
Ikaruga Chapter 3
Reddit Battlefield 3 community
PlayStation Vita Social Club


  1. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan February 3, 2012

    Haha, I totally forgot about selling Paul my free copy of The Witcher 2. What can I say? I was young and needed the money.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous February 3, 2012

      It was a great deal in any case. Fucking amazing piece of artwork at a deeply discounted rate? SOLD.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous February 4, 2012

    I’d just like to say thanks to DJ for recommending the Asuras Wrath demo. Finally got around to playing it and it’s bloody insane. I’ll definitely be on the lookout when it hits sub 20. I also just played the FFXIII-2 demo and that first boss battle felt straight out of Asuras Wrath with the quick time elements o_O

    As for stuff I like this current gen. First time I unpacked my PS3 and used the wireless controller I was blown away how I could play from the couch without the need for a cord and an extension cord. Then he HD graphics blew me away.

    Also, I know online competitive was around for a while before but the real emergence of coop online play has been revolutionary. It’s great being able to play games now with other friends that have coop campaigns.

    And another thing ….. you guys ever thought about doing a live show. I think I might pay money for that.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous February 6, 2012

       oh word.. you’re right.. wireless controllers is pretty what’s up. Sure the cube had it first but it became standard in this gen and I should probably change my answer to echo this sentiment.

      don’t really care about HD graphics myself but that’s a different horse to bet on.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous February 6, 2012

    Ikaruga.. that game is SOO SOo hard. I’ve never made it past Ch 3.

    My fav thing about this generation is .. honestly the community conversation between us and the makers.. There are things I like in gaming but that’s one of the few that wasn’t around earlier. Hydrophobia for one example took HUGE advantage of this.

  4. bkjohns1
    bkjohns1 February 6, 2012

    The best thing about current gen. consoles is wireless controllers standard and HD graphics.

  5. rann
    rann February 6, 2012

    Best thing about gaming this generation is the HD graphics.

  6. Gram
    Gram February 6, 2012

    Probably just the graphics.

  7. Patrick D Carlen
    Patrick D Carlen February 6, 2012

    The amount of game play in games is amazing.  You can totally get into the world of the games.  Gotta love the massive storage of Blu Ray discs!

  8. Erik Kubik
    Erik Kubik February 7, 2012

    Love the return on VGCT, I think Leon’s voice needs some more “arnold” to it. So who is going to voice Nemesis? 

    I think the digital distribution and games being on sale constantly are the best things of this generation.

  9. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan February 7, 2012

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. As mentioned in the episode, leaving a comment entered you to win a code for Zack Zero. We only had a handful of comments, so your odds were good, but StrandedBrit was the winner. Congrats!

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