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VGH #38: Stabbed Through the Earth!

VGH #38: Stabbed Through the Earth!

For here or to go? On this week’s show, we’re talking about the ever increasing ways we can take our games with us. Also: we played the demo for Asura’s Wrath so you don’t have to.

Episode Timeline

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:15
Hangover: 4:30
Portables: 26:00
Last Call: 64:00
Outro: 69:45


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This Week’s Music:
Caught Red Handed and Yummy from the Mighty Switch Force soundtrack. Composed by Jake Kaufman.

Capcom blog post on Asura’s Wrath’s story
Indie Game: The Movie
Dead End Thrills – Incredible video game photography


  1. Ryan Manny
    Ryan Manny January 26, 2012

    Thanks a lot for reading my mail! There are a few reasons behind why I use the name Pastry on the internet, but it really is too long of a story to tell in a decent amount of time.

  2. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan January 26, 2012

    RE: Remote Play – it works over the Internet too, but lag really becomes an issue (so does the network trickery required to get your PS3 to wake up upon request).  On the PSP, you can only do it with a handful of PS3 games, but it also actually works with ALL PSOne games too.  One of the more novel uses of Remote Play I’ve seen is in Singstar.  While people are singing in the PS3 game, you can use your PSP to manage the playlist of who is going to sing what song(s) next.  Pretty nifty.  Also, many of the PS3’s menu items are disabled over Remote Play, but you can play music and movie files over it.  It’s one of Sony’s best features that’s been under-developed, under-promoted, and poorly implemented (which is a recurring trend with Sony, sadly).

    • Matt Kernan
      Matt Kernan January 26, 2012

      I just remembered, there was a string of a few months where I would leave my PS3 powered up on Tuesdays (or whatever day it was back then) waiting for a remote play connection, take my PSP to work, then connect to it when the store update happened so I could get all my demos and PSN games downloaded before I got home from work.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous January 27, 2012

      I had this dream of running a media server on my computer and then taking my PSP to work so I could access my whole music library via Remote Play. It would have been amazing but all the connectivity issues (plus the general awfulness of OS X media servers circa 2007) shut that idea down.

      Also I didn’t consider it at the time, but there’s no way the PSP’s battery would have lasted even half the workday.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 28, 2012

    I’ve grown to like portable gaming but I think my feelings have changed every generation. In the GBA days it really was just bite size gaming. Into the PSP and to a lesser extent DS era it was still mainly about bite size gaming but there have been a few bigger games that have. Now with the PSVita I think there’s a chance for Sony/Other devs to basically combine portable and home gaming. Example being Wipeout where I can game at home or on the go and play online against both audiences.

    To be honest cross play would be golden because I still prefer to play on my console but would be nice to at any point continue on the go.

    As for smartphone gaming I am totally with the guys on it being a distraction. Been playing a bit of Cut The Rope and Fieldrunners HD lately, but again it’s just a distraction. And to Paul I don’t think you’d be missing out to much. The fact that it’s a smartphone means that when I get a minute then there’s other things I’d do first on it like podcasts/netflix before ‘games’.

    I really want Soul Calibur 5, but and kinda skint at the moment. I’m going try and pawn a few things and get it in the next few weeks though.

  4. Courtney Sandhu
    Courtney Sandhu March 14, 2012

    Catching up! So close! Anyway, I <3 portable games. In response to the question that went something like this: would you want console games to be playable on portable or do you feel like you're missing out? No I do not feel like I'm missing out. I waited about 10 years to replay Ocarina on a portable and that day FINALLY came. I am having just as much fun as I did a million years ago as a teen Not to mention the perks of NOT having to go upstairs to my brothers' room, sit on the floor, strain my neck way up high to look at the tv, then have to leave the game all the time only to crave coming back to it.

    I would have played Tales of Vesperia a long time ago had it been on the DS.

    If you have 2 analog sticks, I don't see why you can't play anything portable.

    Also in response to the RE demo, I think you could use the map screen like a second analog stick. You just drag it around. I think! I'll double check. But I didn't have any probs with the controls.

  5. Courtney Sandhu
    Courtney Sandhu March 14, 2012

    Yep on the RE demo, you just slide your finger around the map on the touch screen to be able to use it like a 2nd analog stick for room viewing while moving etc. Worked for me!

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