January 19, 2012

Contest: win Zack Zero! UPDATE: Round 2!

The new action-platformer nobody’s ever heard of, Zack Zero, just hit the Playstation Store this week. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy for review and came away pleasantly surprised with it. If you haven’t had a chance to read the review, go ahead and check it out (or if reading words sounds like too much work, go watch the video review).

Round 2 (new giveaway for the week of Jan. 23rd):

We’ve still got a couple of codes left for the PSN game Zack Zero, so we’re firing up round 2 of our giveaway. In order to enter, you’ll need to subscribe to our YouTube channel and also post a link to this page on Twitter. Here’s the specifics on how to enter:

1) Subscribe to the Video Game Hangover YouTube channel. If you’re already subscribed, then you can move on to step two.

2) Follow @vghangover, then copy and paste this text into a new post on Twitter:

RT @vghangover: We’re giving away Zack Zero for PS3! Here’s how to enter – http://j.mp/VGH-ZZC | We’ll pick a winner on Friday. #VGHZZ

3) Leave a comment here on this post with both your YouTube username and your Twitter username.

We’ll pick a winner on Friday afternoon. Good luck!

The original giveaway, which has already ended:

The fine folks over at Crocodile Entertainment were nice enough to give us a few extra copies (U.S. version) for us to pass along to you, our dear listeners and readers. We’re running a giveaway on each component of our social network trifecta: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Follow the instructions below and go get your retweet/like/circle action on to enter! We’ll be picking winners on Friday afternoon around 3 PM CST.

UPDATE: This contest has ended. Congrats to Christian Schmidt on Google+, Doug Klein on Facebook, and Kevin Hunt (@FadeToOne) on Twitter! We have a couple more copies to give away in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for info on how to enter.

To enter on Twitter:

First, follow @vghangover if you aren’t already, then either use the built-in retweet function to retweet this post, or copy and paste this into a new tweet:

RT @vghangover: We’re giving away Zack Zero for PS3! Follow @vghangover and RT to enter. We’ll pick a winner on Friday afternoon. #VGHZZ

To enter on Facebook:

First, you’ll need to “like” the VGH Facebook page, if you haven’t already. Then, visit this post, “like” it, and share it publicly on your own timeline/wall.

To Enter on Google+:

First, add the VGH Google+ page to one of your circles, if you haven’t done so already. Then, visit this post, “+1” it, and share it with ‘Public’.

  • Already entered, thanks! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Good luck!

  • Can I play?

    • Anonymous

      You’re not eligible.

  • Anonymous

    bugger all I’m so late.. i need to get back in the contest game. grats to the winners

    • We’ve got one or two more codes to give away in the coming days, so keep your eyes on our Twitter/Facebook/Google+ pages for info.

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    I’m andrewlee67 on YouTube and @alee67 on Twitter.  Thanks for the giveaway!

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    1st :] 

    youtube user name : HakanSubasioglu

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    missed the first giveaway I wish I’ll be picked this time crossed fingers :]

    Thank you… 

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    yt: aznxchunky

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    Thanks for the contest!

  • Dave G

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  • This game looks great, thank for the contest.

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  • Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to all our winners!

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