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VGH #34: Don’t Buy the Blue Stuff

VGH #34: Don't Buy the Blue Stuff

This is it, our final show of 2011! In this week’s episode, The Whole Crew get together with drinks, and frame the entire show around your incredible feedback! Thank you so much for the support and we’ll see you in Season 2 in 2012!

Episode Timeline:

Intro: 0:00
Tomorrow’s Hangover: 2:30
Listener Feedback: 6:55
Outro: 81:00


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This Week’s Music:
“A Box from the 80s” and “Subimago” from the album BIAS, by Minusbaby.


The Drunken Moogle
Summoner Yuna (D.J.’s choice of drink)
Muscle March
God Hand
Ouendan 2 – Samurai Blue stage
Bhujerba from Final Fantasy 12
If you became the last person on Earth, what would you do?

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  1. Courtney
    Courtney December 17, 2011

    I’m babysitting and bored and will be commenting while


    Nintendogs/cats = awesome world

    I’m not meaning to comment on just what Randy’s saying (coincidence), but you have to play Katamari. It is one of my favorite games ever and I never get tired of it.

    Gaming food: only works when you can actually switch buttons to only use your left hand to play the game. I’ve done it! haha

    Paul is a jerk and also did not mention that um..the obvious reason he moved is for an amazing and beautiful woman.

    So for feedback about my call-in… I did play only the first Lost in Blue for DS. What was frustrating to me was how you had to drag the blind girl along with you in order to get to certain areas. Maybe I should try the sequel or whatever. But yeah and Animal Crossing-like game of survival might be cool. It would be cool if events would randomly happen when you played like certain things might wash up on shore and maybe your ultimate goal would be to escape, but it would take a long time to do it (kind of like paying off tom nook).

    About the animal thing…I get it. There was this one planet in Mass Effect that had all these little monkey creatures on it. And I tried really hard not to run ovr them, but then I accidentally did. I felt really bad, but when I was leaving the planet, I decided to just run over the whole herd. hah!

    Also, I would never hunt animals, but I did enjoy the old PC deer hunter games.

    In regards to me being a gamer, I’m not sure you’d call me a casual gamer, but before I met Paul I was not quite hardcore either. I was sort of more than casual but less than hardcore. I was playing JRPGs which I don’t think of a casual gamer as playing. But Paul did show me more obscure games I never would have been interested in. I think I would have grown as a gamer without Paul too. I love the handheld games a lot more than Paul. I play handheld games every day (PSP, DS, Phone). I do know that Paul bought me a Phoenix Wright game for Christmas one time and I hadn’t heard of it. And I was like, “This looks soooo stupid.” But then I loved it. There are also a lot of games Paul loves that I would never play (GTA, Fighting Games).

    • StrandedBrit
      StrandedBrit December 19, 2011


      Paul, you jerk, your wife just mentioned Animal Crossing, Mass Effect and JRPGs in a post ….. on a gaming website. Go take her on a 4th honeymoon or something.

      • Paul Sandhu
        Paul Sandhu December 20, 2011

        Don’t give her any ideas! :O

  2. Erik Kubik
    Erik Kubik December 18, 2011

    Great show guys! Keep up the good work. Thanks for answering all my questions.

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