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VGH #28: Layton-Assisted Suicide

VGH #28: Layton-Assisted Suicide

The first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V prompts a conversation about our hopes, dreams and fears for the next installment of one of our favorite gaming series.

Episode Timeline:

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:05
Hangover: 11:30
GTA 5 is Coming: 31:00
Last Call: 66:00
Outro: 72:50


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This Week’s Music:
“Unleashed” and “Phantombs” by DJ Finish Him, from the upcoming They Bleed Pixels, by Spooky Squid Games


Grand Theft Auto V reveal trailer
Saints Row: The Third “Pimps and Gimps” trailer (feat. Burt Reynolds)
Puget Systems custom computers
Way of the Warrior Gameplay Clip





  1. rage99
    rage99 November 4, 2011

    Y’all are some big GTA 5 / Saints Row fans. I played Vice City on the XBOX but nothing else for whatever reason. No excitement about Skyrim? 1 more week!

    • D.J. Ross
      D.J. Ross November 5, 2011

      You know, I’ve always thought the Elder Scrolls games (and I guess Fallout 3, to a degree) seemed pretty cool and like something I could get into for hundreds of hours but never have, for one reason or another. Also I couldn’t get Oblivion to do anything but crash on my PC. Based on how stable Skyrim turns out to be, maybe I’ll give it a try.

    • Randy Dickinson
      Randy Dickinson November 7, 2011

      Every time I see that amazing live-action Skyrim trailer on TV I think, “Maybe I should play that”. I’m afraid it’s going to be way too much RPG for me, though. Let us know your thoughts once you get your hands on it, Rage99, and we’ll call it out on the show and give you credit for it!

      • Matt Kernan
        Matt Kernan November 7, 2011

        I went so far as to purchase Oblivion GOTY one time, but I never did get around to actually playing it. :/

  2. kube00
    kube00 November 4, 2011

    GTA V…..more San Andreas that’s what we need.

  3. Piel
    Piel November 7, 2011

    Oh Yeah! My comment was on the show. Thanks guys.

    I finished this weekend Professor Layton and the Last Specter. All the way through out the game I had this feeling: “I’m pretty sure I solved this puzzle somewhere before”. So, yeah, guess Professor Layton is getting a little stale. I’m hoping that the crossover with the Ace Attorney will bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise.

    One more thing, Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva Movie is out this week. I’ll probably check that out.

    • Randy D.
      Randy D. November 14, 2011

      I totally didn’t know that Eternal Diva was coming out in the US. Thanks for the tip, Piel…I’ll definitely have to add that to my Xmas list!

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